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Our Bangalore office is as good as it gets -- Badminton, Cricket, Basketball, Volleyball courts for the outdoor-sports enthusiasts, Box Office Room for the movie buffs, foosball tables, pool, carrom -- you name it, we have it.

Our open office space and multiple conference rooms make for an awesome work environment where our team works in collaboration with teams in other parts of the world. Regular WebEx Conferences with teams in London, Vancouver, and San Francisco keep us connected and in-sync.

Also, we have quiet rooms and nap pods for Inner Peace :)

Leigh Bushnell

Leigh Bushnell - Marketing

I love Cisco Umbrella because of the lifelong friends and mentors I’ve found here. I love Cisco Umbrella because it has been the best first job I ever could have imagined. I love Cisco Umbrella because as weird as it sounds (and I cringe as I write this), it feels like home and that’s not something I ever thought I’d find in a job.