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San Jose

San Jose

Our San Jose office is in the heart of Silicon Valley in California. Predominantly populated by the Umbrella Engineering team, the open office space bodes well for architecting and building an industry-dominating security solution. As Cisco connects people, data, and things around the world, its campus is a reflection of that connectivity. Inspiration for our Umbrella building (Cisco building 19) is drawn from the art, design, geography, and people of Japan - a country with centuries-old rich, unique culture, developed as a continuum from its long inward reflection and isolation from outside influences. And for all those football fans, we are just a mile away from the 49er stadium, so you have a great parking spot for the game, always!

You may be asking, “How do we stay connected to the other locations?” Actually, it’s easy. Hip chat groups and Cisco Webex stream continuously between the sites, allowing teams to stay connected.

Wei Jiang

Wei Jiang - Software Engineering

I love working at Cisco Umbrella because of the amazingly intelligent, open, and kind coworkers we have across various teams. No one hesitates to drop what they’re doing to answer your questions, and a culture of transparency makes it so easy to share and talk to coworkers and leaders even across departments. In addition to the wonderful people that form our teams, following agile methodologies and being at the cutting edge of technology make work incredibly engaging. My role as a full stack software engineer gives me the opportunity to work on a product that directly contributes to customer satisfaction. It’s amazing to see how the effort our product manager, UI/UX designer, and we developers put in, can truly impact a customer’s experience. For this, I am proud and grateful to be here at Cisco Umbrella.